The Salentine coast offers everything sea lovers could wish for: from the famous Zinzulusa cave, well-know of its stalactites and stalagmites which in the Salento region are called "zinzuli" (old, threadbare clothes) or the Ciolo creek, where brave divers show off in daring rotating dives before plunging in the water, to Santa Maria di Leuca famous for its cape, which divides the Ionian Sea from the Adriatic Sea, and the Sanctuary dating back to the first century A.D.;
Lecce, "the Lady of Baroque" with its monuments, squares and churches built with the so-called Lecce stone, a kind of limestone;

Otranto, the most eastern part of Italy where the first ray of sunshine brushes our peninsula, with its thousand-year old history as dock for eastern routes.
The Baroque style from Lecce, present in all the Salento area, is a unique style of these parts rich in culture and old traditions, like the old method of manufacturing the Lecce stone which can still be admired in the many rosettes of the Cathedrals or the fascinating "pizzica" the sensual dance with the handkerchief, essential accessory used to invite the chosen partner to dance.

And more, the ceramics manufacturing, the most famous in Grottaglie, and the old art of manufacturing cotton and linen.
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